From the Editor :: Food and nutrition

I have struggled with maintaining a healthful weight for as long as I can remember and have certainly embarked on my share of crazy diets in order to keep it in check. Food is a touchstone in my life—I can recall favorite meals from every decade, including the episode in which dry Jell-O was sprinkled onto newly-fallen snow at Concord Elementary and we had the equivalent of Sno-Cones on the playground. That one ranks right up there with the three course meal with wine pairings I recently had at Restaurant Alma in Minneapolis, in celebration of a major family event. In a word, both were transcendent.

Research has shown that what a woman eats during her pregnancy may shape the food preferences of her offspring later in life. This could be why my daughter loves cream cheese puffs from LeeAnn Chin a whole bunch and why we both prefer vegetables ahead of meat, my mom being a farmgirl who used to pick vegetables after school and eat them right in the field.

My daughter is a pescatarian—that is, she will eat fish, but no other meats. It was difficult at first to accommodate her decision within our family unit (she made the decision at age 10) but we got by with the kinds of meals in which meat could be added separately.

I really enjoyed putting together the content for this issue focusing on food and nutrition. Getting a peek into the school cafeteria via Julie Kendrick’s “Cafeteria Confidential” on page 16 was a blast, hearing how Joy Riggs’ family adapted to their newly announced vegetarian was.