From the editor :: Square pegs

I spoke to Peter Kerin of Foresight Childproofing about a year ago when I was working on last year’s Minnesota Parent safety issue. An enthusiastic guy, very passionate about home safety, I remember he said, “we’ve been adults far longer than we’ve been parents, and the adult world is built around convenience.” Meaning, kids are the square pegs trying to muscle into our adult round holes. There is so much about our grown up world that we take for granted, not even realizing the harm that a convenience like an electrical socket or the cord on a window treatment could cause. His goal, he told me, is to assist and educate parents in creating a safe home environment, so that kids can explore without constantly having to be told, “no.” How great is that?

This year we are touching on a number of concerns, from trampoline safety in a tight and informative article by Joy Riggs, our award-winning Tween Scene columnist, to a fun, educational piece about backyard bugs. Which ones are harmless? Which are not? Writer Kelly Jo McDonnell will give you the scoop. Best, my terrific intern, Claire Walling, checked in with Peter Kerin again when putting together her article, “Childproofing 101.” In it, he and a couple of other home safety experts talk about the steps you can take on your own to make your home better suited for those crawlers, toddlers, and young explorers who seem to want to yank on, dip their toe in, or climb up just about anything in the house.

We also have a product showcase devoted to a few safety gadgets we tested, and finally will wrap up the issue with a devoted grandpa, Tony Jaksa Sr., who built a career responding to and analyzing accidents. These days, he is using this lifetime of knowledge to teach his grandchildren how to be safe. Ever heard of three points of contact? Turn to page 38 to learn more. 

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