New year, new MNP

It has been a couple of tough months, waiting for 2013 to arrive. Our staff has been working on enhancing your Minnesota Parent experience and finally, January is here! I am excited to announce that we have new columns for you to enjoy, as well as a refreshed look on some of the interior pages to help you navigate more efficiently. Plus, we are thrilled to announce a redesigned website: it should unfold over the next few weeks. Keep your fingers ready to plug into your browser. I hope to keep content always refreshed as well as allow you quick access to any of our print articles. We will announce on our Facebook and Twitter feed the day it goes “live.”

Now, for the new columnists: first, Baby on board. Shannon Keough captured my attention when she wrote an article for Minnesota Parent on baby sleep. It ran last fall, and when it came time to launch the column, she was my “go-to” gal. With a seven-month-old, she’s right in that prime demographic and will be learning alongside the rest of you new parents.

Next, we were blue to accept the resignation of our Fight Less, Love More columnist, Laurie Puhn, but she was a bit burnt what with all of her other irons in the fire. Better, however, is that we now have a local writer filling her slot and in my opinion, we were overdue for the male voice in this publication. I hope you will welcome Sean Toren of southwest Minneapolis, writing Relations. With a wife and a five-year-old, Sean will take a more humorous look at relationships, all while offering cogent advice on how to enhance yours.

Yes, there’s more! Another new column, Ask the Pediatrician, will be helmed by Dr. Peter Dehnel. An Eden Prairie pediatrician for many years with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Dr. Dehnel will be answering questions each month about kid health problems. Have a question for him? His email address is listed on page xx.

Finally, I have put together a new food column, In the kitchen with help from various contributors. Turn to page xx for a delicious look.

How do we fit all of this in, you may wonder? Well, with the generous support of our advertisers who see great value in our publication and who know that we have the best reading audience in Minnesota—that’s how. I think I can speak for all of us on staff here that we appreciate your picking up this copy, and hope you gain knowledge from it.

Happy New Year!