Our annual event

Last year, my husband and I paged through the comprehensive camp listings in Minnesota Parent and he swooned over all of the possibilities. “They never had camps like this when I was a kid,” he scoffed. But what did he know about summer camp choices back then? He was a kid! It’s not like he was perusing listings and making suggestions to his parents about a camp he was interested in. 

In fact, most of the time, you can say “horse, art, science, music” in quick succession and your kid will say, “I want to go where [fill name of your child’s best friend here] is going.”

I know I am generalizing and there are kids who have their own unique interests, despite what their friends like, and also know exactly what they want to do or focus on during the summer break. But for those kids who do not know, and for us parents who need some ideas, this issue profiles a number of camps around Minnesota that have a wide range of appeal. Plus, we have another wide-ranging list of camps beginning on page 71 for you to ponder, consider, or place on your kid’s pillow on the off-chance they will circle a few to give you some guidance.

But if you have the opportunity this year, I am advocating strongly for the group approach to the Minnesota Parent Camp Fair, held on February 23 at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory. If you are on good terms with the parents of your son or daughter’s best friends, seriously—go together and choose a camp that your kid (and their kid) will equally enjoy. Plus, after you’ve stuffed your goodie bag full of brochures, trinkets, and other great information, you can stroll around the zoo and check out all of the cool animals and exhibits. Make a day of it. You won’t regret it!

If you do head to the Camp Fair, I’ll see you there. It should be a busy day with plenty to see, experience, and learn about—but please take a moment to stop by the Minnesota Parent booth and say hello. We will have some great prize drawings you can enter and probably some tempting little pieces of candy we shouldn’t eat—but will—if you don’t come talk to us. Hope to see you there!