Preemie pride!

Babies born early don’t have it easy with health challenges and subsequent weeks (or months) in the NICU. But just look at these little warriors — and how they’re thriving! 


Addison, 10, of Minnetonka, born at 33 weeks

Austin, 14

Austin, 29 1/2 weeks

Austin, 14, of Hastings, born at 29 1/2 weeks

Benji and the 24 Pound Banana Squash

Benjamin, 3 months old, of Inver Grove Heights, born at 29 weeks


Camilla, at 1 month old, of Brooklyn Park, born at 33 weeks; her twin sister, Maia, passed at 20 weeks


Evelyn, 3 months old, of Golden Valley, born at 35 weeks 

Juliana and Joshua

Juliana, 7, and Joshua, 3, of Crystal, born at 34 weeks and 35 weeks


Nora, 6, of Eagan, born at 34 weeks


Roland, 6, of Richfield, born at 29 weeks