Simply grand

What a special role grandparents play in our families. Oh, Pop Pop and Nana, you light up our days!

Grandma Deb and grandchildren

Grandma Deb of Blaine, pulling six of her grandchildren — Lillian, 1.5, Jonathan, 4 months, Lucas, 4, Grant, 1, Brady, 3, Joshua, 2

Jordyn and Poppa Steve

Jordyn, 9 months, of St. Paul with Poppa Steve

Cooper and Grandma Susan

Cooper, 6 months, of Fridley with his Grandma Susan

Theodore and Grandma Shoua

Theodore, 3 months, of St. Paul with Grandma Shoua

Emma and Grandpa Tom

Emma, 18 months, of Apple Valley with Grandpa Tom in Duluth