Coloring contest entries galore!

When I published the post announcing Minnesota Parent’s first-ever coloring contest I was excited and a bit anxious. I wondered: ‘Would people enter? Would kids like to color the sheet I made? What happens if we only get a handful of entries?’

We were happily surprised by the number of entries and blown away by your creativity. I loved seeing how each kid handled coloring the sheet. It was fun to see the added details in some of the entries — people, bird nests, airplanes, clouds and the sun. There was even one that incorporated animal stickers! I loved seeing the otter peeking out of the water, the bird sitting on the cherry stem and the iguana overlooking the scene from the rooftop.

We awarded prizes to the top three submissions and added on five honorable mention prizes

Looking through all of the entries filled me with joy. From one artist to another, I can tell you put a lot of time into your work! So, I’ve decided to share the rest of the coloring contest entries here so everyone can see and appreciate your work.

You can check out the post with all the winners here, as well as the original post announcing the coloring contest and the prizes here. If you’d like to color in the sheet for fun, you can download and print it here

If you have suggestions for possible subject matter of a future coloring sheet, please send me an email with #coloringsheetideas in the subject line. 

Thanks for doing such a great job and for making it hard for us to choose the winners. I look forward to creating more coloring sheets in the future! 

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