A meal and cooking lesson in one

Imagine this: Family dinner is planned, the groceries are bought and all of the seasonings are measured and at your fingertips. But you didn’t have to do the leg work: All you have to do is turn up the heat in your kitchen.

If you like to cook, but you dread answering the question: “What’s for dinner?”, check out Minneapolis-based Homegrown Foods, a new meal-planning, prep and delivery service, serving the Twin Cities. 

Part CSA, part personal-chef service and part cooking class, it’s just the thing for busy foodie families.

Founder-owner and mother-of-three Aleksandra Till does prep work in a local commercial kitchen (using local and organic ingredients as often as possible). 

Then she makes deliveries every other Wednesday. 

We tried a sample delivery from the service and were amazed at the flavor of Fish Steaks in Chraimeh Sauce with Spicy Carrot Salad (pictured above), a salmon dish with a tasty side of caramelized onions and carrots. 

You learn by following the recipes and doing most of your own chopping, searing and simmering (skipping the prep parts that Till’s done for you, of course).

Want to make something again? Till gives you the full recipe, so you can recreate the meal on your own, without a delivery. What a great way to learn!

Four gourmet meals, delivered every two weeks, cost $128 per delivery. 

Certain recipes are especially kid approved, but Till also includes easy tips for cutting back the heat. Gluten-free menus are also available. 

See meal photos and learn more at eatgoodathome.com.