Ask the right medical questions

Once you’ve found a fun camp that fits your budget, you need to be sure it can serve your child’s medical needs. Here are some questions to ask before making the commitment.  

Food: If your kid has a food allergy or other dietary restrictions, find out how the food is made, whether the camp can make food to fit your child’s needs, and whether supervisors will make sure your child doesn’t eat anything harmful. Be sure to notify the camp of all food allergies.

Medication: If your child takes a regular prescription medicine or has an allergy that requires an antihistamine, be sure to send all drug information and directions to camp with your child and be sure someone will be able to assist him or her in taking the medications. Also, make sure the camp has a complete medical history for your child. Many camps have a nurse or a counselor hold on to the medications and distribute the proper dosages to each child.

Safety: No matter what your child’s particular needs, you should ask the following questions of each potential camp: What medical facilities and staff are on the camp? What kind of insurance coverage is there? How are lifeguards and swimming instructors trained? What kind of training do sports and activity leaders have? Is there a safe place for campers to go in case of severe weather?

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