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Clueless in the Kitchen: 

a Cookbook for Teens

By Evelyn Raab

Firefly Books, $14.95

If your teenager calls you at work and asks how to make Mac & Cheese from a box, this book may be the perfect solution to their plight. Evelyn Raab gives step-by-step guides to navigating the foreign territories of the grocery store and kitchen, as well as simple, cheap, and nutritious recipes.

SpongeBob’s Kitchen 

Mission Cookbook

By Nickelodeon

Wiley, $16.99

There’s a cooking contest in Bikini Bottom between SpongeBob and his friends, and the prize is getting kids to make healthful and creative dishes. Themes from the popular kids TV show pop up throughout this book in recipes like Sea Star Casserole, Chocolate Dippity Doo Dah, and Salty Sea Cucumbers and recipes are rated 1, 2, or 3 based on the skill level and amount of adult supervision required to make them. 

Grow Your Own for Kids

By Chris Collins and Lia Leendertz

Octopus Publishing, $14.99

Put your kid’s inclination to play in the dirt to good use; grow your own fruits and veggies! This guide includes instructions to get your garden (or window box) started, trouble shooting for when things go awry, and abundant photographs. The payoff doesn’t get much sweeter than fresh raspberries, either. 

My Favorite Recipes

By Annabel Karmel

DK Publishing, $14.99

Annabel Karmel is a renowned author of children’s cookbooks and her latest collection does not disappoint. The recipes are simple but delicious, the picture illustrations are easy-to-follow, and helpful tips are sprinkled throughout. Plus, this spiral-bound book has a built-in “stand,” making it convenient to use in the kitchen. 


By Elizabeth Verdick

Free Spirit Publishing, $7.95

Does your two-year-old prefer playing with her broccoli to eating it? This colorful board book will get kids excited about cooking and eating healthfully, even if they are too young to prepare food for themselves. 

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