books featuring easy to master crafts and skills

Puppet Play

by Diana Schoenbrun
Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC, $14.99

The puppets in this book range from Betty the Elephant to Captain Hothead the Pirate and everything in between. Puppets are ranked from one to three on level of difficulty to make, though children can make many of them with adult supervision. Sewing is involved in making many of the puppets and basic stitching patterns are included at the beginning of the book.

My Favorite Recipes

by Annabel Karmel
Dorling Kindersley Limited, $14.99

Kids get to play chef with these fun and easy recipes. Every meal of the day is included, and kids can serve up Sticky Chicken Drumsticks, Corn Quesadillas, and Easy Berry Ice Cream. Many recipes are made with kid-approved ingredients but are still loaded with enough fruits and vegetables to keep parents happy. Since many recipes involve using the oven or stove, supervision is recommended.

My First Craft Book

by Emma Hardy
CICO Books, ages 8–12, $16.95

This colorful book shows kids how to make accessories they can wear and use, like hair barrettes and holiday lanterns. Each project is laid out in step-by-step instructions. Many of the crafts involve sewing or scissors, so adult supervision is needed for younger children. Kids can play make-believe with the fairy wings and knight’s swords, and many of the crafts use recycled materials.

10-Minute Puppets

by Noel MacNeal
Workman Publishing Company, Inc., $10.95

This puppet book specializes in the simple puppets kids can make using nothing but their hands and a few washable markers. Many of the puppets in the book can be made using the included cutout figures. Puppets that involve sewing have easy-to-follow patterns in the back of the book. The book also includes a short guide on campfire-favorite hand shadows.

Music for Kids and Teens: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers

by Hugo Pinksterboer
The Tipbook Company, $11.95

This book differs from the other Tipbooks because it isn’t for the performer, but for the parents. This guide tells parents the best practice habits to instill in children and good ways to pick the proper instructor. There are tips for borrowing, renting, or leasing an instrument and how to perk up a child nervous about an upcoming performance.

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