Caring for military families

As of February, 2006, 2,700 members of the Minnesota National Guard have been deployed overseas or are preparing to do so. Many will leave behind families – who may worry not only about their loved one, but also about how they’ll manage with only one parent at home. However, thanks to two programs run by the military, finding affordable daycare is now much easier.

When a National Guard or Reserve Service member is deployed or activated, his or her family is eligible for either program for the period of deployment and 30 days afterward. Operation: Military Childcare helps families locate affordable childcare near them. If the childcare is not run by the military, but is still licensed or accredited, the program helps with the cost. If the family lives near a military installation, they will be directed there. The second program, Military Childcare in Your Neighborhood, is for families who do not live close to a military installation. The program looks specifically for military-approved daycare and will often subsidize the cost of care.

Families may apply by calling 1-800-424-2246 or by visiting