Changing the rest of a life

It starts when we choose the first daycare or preschool and doesn’t let up until they walk out the door, ready to start college. And in between, every choice we make for our children, whether it’s putting them in kindergarten early, or moving them from public to private, or even having them complete certain courses online — every we door we open, every door we close, affects the path our children take toward becoming enlightened, intelligent adults.  

I certainly didn’t have even half as many options when I was young. In fact, the day we chose to move our daughter from a renowned high school (my alma mater) and into a smaller arts-centric high school, I shed a few tears. Not because she was leaving an award-winning school and friends she had known since kindergarten, but (honestly?) I was envious, and so excited for her. I thought: if this place had existed when I was in high school, I would have wanted to go here, too.

So, we steer the ship and then toward the end, let go of the rudder. In between, we are evaluating the options and making decisions for our kids, hoping what we choose is right. Do we always make the proper decision? Of course not. But it’s so satisfying to know that we actually do have options. At Minnesota Parent’s upcoming Education Fair on October 2 at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory, you are offered a terrific opportunity to visit with a variety of educators from throughout the Twin Cities, all of whom want to ensure you have good, decision-making information about your child’s future. Make sure you circle that date on your calendar.

And, as the new editor of Minnesota Parent, I’d like to say hello. I have been guiding publications to press here at Minnesota Premier Publications for about three years. I think it also helps that I’ve also been parenting a wonderful daughter for quite a few years.

As for the rest of the Minnesota Parent staff, we rely on our experiences as parents to build the content of this magazine. We have new parents, an expectant parent, and parents of toddlers, tweens, and teens on staff. It’s a great group and I am thankful for their wise (and sometimes comical) insights on parenting.

Every day we make choices, and every day they affect who we are and how we interact with others in the world. I am so happy that today, you chose to pick up this issue, and read this note. I hope it makes a difference in your life — and even more so, in your child’s.

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