Do You Need This? – La Fresh SPF 30 Sunscreen Wipes

This is as handy as it gets: a square packet, not much bigger than a Wet Wipe (remember those?), with a sunscreen-soaked towelette inside. It’s always with you. It won’t leak. It weighs nothing. It takes up no rom in your purse. Here’s the problem: It takes four of them to get my toddler properly sunscreened up. That’s five bucks for every jaunt in the sun. More if you reapply as often as you’re supposed to (you do do that, right?). La Fresh will never be your go-to sunscreen, but if you’ve got one or two of these in your bag, you know you’re covered on those cool but sunny days when you unexpectedly have to sunscreen up some little noses and cheeks.

$5 for a set of four

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