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Maternity clothes do not fit me well, so when I found a few basic items that were comfortable and looked good I wore them repeatedly. My husband, bless his heart, must have grown tired of my two sensible maternity nighties. Cute and sexy they were not! I could never seem to find lingerie or pajamas that made my pre- and post-partum body look attractive. Future mothers need not have that concern. Whoa Momma!, a Minnesota based company, has recently launched a new line of upscale maternity and nursing lingerie and sleepwear. Items range from capris and tops for lounging to nightgowns with matching robes. The collection utilizes soft natural fabrics in a beautiful, contemporary color palette. Sexier pieces include panties in either a thong or boy-short style, so everyone can find something they are comfortable wearing. Nursing mothers will appreciate the thought put into designs that are practical yet eye-catching for the right reason. Whoa Momma! plans to have garments available by fall at maternity boutiques and department stores nationwide.

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