Do you or don’t you?

Some people do it while walking the aisles of the grocery store, some would never dream of doing it outside of their own homes. We asked readers of our e-newsletter, Minnesota Parent This Week, whether they chose to breastfeed their kids in public and why or why not.

I selectively chose to do so. As things went along and I got more comfortable with all of the wrangling, I did it a little more easily … but sometimes it was easier to sit in the car with some music and just gaze into the eyes of my adorable daughter.
Mary Lower, Maple Grove

I believe in a woman’s right to breastfeed in public. With my own son, I felt more comfortable being covered up with a blanket or being in an area where I was hidden from the public eye (such as a nursing station), but I stand firm in my belief that it is something every woman should have the right to do. We can’t put pressure on women to breastfeed, claim the wonderful reasons why she should, and then condemn her for doing so.
Amber Mussman, Plymouth

I did breastfeed in public but was pretty conscious about it. I’d try to find an out-of-the-way place and made sure to cover up. I didn’t think I’d be this self-conscious as I’m not a real modest gal, but I think that the reaction of some of my older male family relatives when [I was] nursing early on made me feel a little more banished.
Becky Lien, St. Paul

I am not currently breastfeeding but when I was, I did not do so in public — personal preference.
Kathy McFarlane, Faribault

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