DVD Review Orangutan Island, Season One

Orangutan Island is an innovative project led by Lone Drosher-Nielsen that airs as a documentary series on Animal Planet. More than 500 orphaned orangutans have found refuge at the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Borneo, Indonesia. Of these, 35 are part of a special group known as Forest School 103. These orangutans have spent years learning how to live on their own in the wild, and the show documents how these students survive after being released on a 100 acre protected island. This is the orangutans’ chance to finally experience true freedom. I found the show to be very interesting and fun. There is a definite educational aspect as you learn about these creatures and their habitat. The fun emerges as you get to know each orangutan’s character and personality. They tend to be very mischievous and intelligent, making the series a joy to watch. I think this program could easily be watched by viewers of all ages. Parents and kids alike will really enjoy the adventures these orangutans partake in. I would recommend this especially for children ages 5–12.


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