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With the school year in full swing, your child is bound to come to you with that “just too hard” math problem or the history report needing historical facts. You might choose to help them out of a jam, or you might point them to some of the wealth of educational software aimed at kids.

“Software not only helps enhance learning by teaching and enhancing specific classroom skills, but it also encourages independent learning and decision-making,” says Jessica Lindl, vice president of marketing at Riverdeep, a publisher of digital education courseware and the parent company of The Learning Company. “Using software also teaches essential computer skills such as keyboarding, mouse clicking, saving, and printing to even the youngest learners.”

As with any technology product, educational software is always evolving. Here’s a rundown on some of the hottest products on the market this fall.

Reader Rabbit Preschool Learning System 2007, $19.99
The Learning Company has introduced the latest version of this interactive multisubject CD for preschoolers. Filled with educational games that can help preschoolers learn to count, identify numbers, and recognize shapes, this education software is comprehensive and entertaining for the youngest set.

Carmen Sandiego Geography Learning System 2007, $19.99
Studies have shown that most American children do not have an adequate understanding of geography. This new learning system incorporates two educational games: Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? and Where in the U.S.A. Is Carmen Sandiego? Both games allow players to chase criminals around the nation and throughout the world, all while learning about geography.

Encyclopedia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite 2007
Looking for great reference materials for your student? This is three encyclopedias in one – elementary, student, and adult. The software allows you to research over 100,000 articles and more than 166,000 magazine and online links. This new edition also includes interactive “tours through history,” a homework help desk, and virtual note cards. The software also comes with free monthly content updates for the first year.

Knowledge Adventure Books by You
Children can pick a story line, create their own story elements, and then print and publish their own books. Along the way, they can change and edit each chapter of their book and import digital photos or drawings to personalize it.


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