Getting started

I’ve become that mom who cannot stop talking about her kids. It’s gotten so obnoxious I’ve even begun meetings and presentations by whipping out photos. They’re just so important to me, so central to who I am. If you don’t know about them, you don’t really know me.

I am passionate about my career as a writer. But becoming a mom has fulfilled something even deeper in me. That’s why I’m so excited to have this platform to share all my adventures in parenting!

So with no further ado, these are my girls: 3-year-old Maria and 1-year-old Jane. They bring me SO MUCH JOY.

We live the girl life right now, so we’re often scouting for fairies or diapering dolls. Our drawers are full of bows and bloomers.

This house is not a museum. Their dolls are well loved – they are dragged into sandboxes and snow mounds (and then bath tubs). Sometimes they even come shopping with us – and if they’re well behaved, as Merida was, they may get to pick something out.  

I’m constantly snapping pictures of the girls. You’ll see lots here. I’m also obsessed with finding beautiful children’s books and beautiful children’s clothes. I never met a Peter Pan book or a Peter Pan collar I didn’t like.

Like all families, we have plenty of messes and meltdowns. Some of them are ill-timed, like in the midst of a photo shoot. Here I am, struggling, sweating, questioning everything I know to be true. My face appears void of emotion, and I don’t know what desperate maneuver or comment I’m attempting; I’m in an out-of-body state.  

And yet, I plan to share our finer moments too, because I enjoy parenting blogs that are aspirational, giving me lots of ideas to try out. I hope this blog can do that for you. I’m aiming to share my tips and tricks – for a better photo, for a memorable seasonal craft, for the perfect picnic, etc. I’ll be sharing our successes from a place of humility: If we can do it, so can you!

The truth is, I get tons of support from my husband, my circle of friends, my neighbors and my parents, who live nearby and are the best grandparents on the planet. Thanks to them, I’m able to relax and relish motherhood. And in my better moments, I realize, “This is a charmed life!” My heart is so full. 


Christina Ries is a freelance writer who lives with her husband and two young girls in Inver Grove Heights. Write her at [email protected].