Grandparents and grandkids connect and have fun

In 1978, the United States Congress, with the signature of Jimmy Carter, proclaimed the first Sunday after Labor Day to be Grandparents’ Day. Whether they live next door or across the country, grandparents and grandkids can find fun ways to stay connected.

Balding Grandpa grows hair

Kids love to watch things grow. This project gives them a chance to grow Grandpa some hair, and even give him a haircut, if they want! For ages 3-8 years.


One half teaspoon of annual grass seed

A 12 oz. frozen juice can

Enough dirt to fill it

Paper or cloth scraps for Balding Grandpa’s body


You can either draw Balding Grandpa on paper or create him out of scraps of cloth – just be sure his head is cut straight off the top where his hair would normally begin to grow. You could also enlarge a color photo of Grandpa and wrap it around the can. In any case, he should be about 5 inches tall.

Have your little gardener put the dirt in the juice can, sprinkle the sees on top, water well, tape Grandpa onto the front of the can, and set him in a sunny window.

It won’t be long before “Balding Grandpa” becomes “Hairy Gramps” and will need a (supervised!) haircut.

Puzzling grandparents

Surprise your grandchildren with your smiling faces after they piece together this puzzle. For ages 3-8.


An enlarged photo of yourselves

A shirt cardboard




Glue your photo onto the shirt cardboard.

Cut it into puzzle shapes. Match the difficulty of the puzzle to the ability of your grandchild.

Send the pieces off in an envelope with a note – maybe, “When you put this together, you’ll see who loves you.”

Of course, kids can also send puzzle pictures of themselves to Grandma and Grandpa.

Julie Carlson grew up in Duluth. She and her mother-in-law, Sue Johnson, co-wrote Grandloving, now in its fourth edition. The book includes grandparenting tips, ideas for family visits and traditions, and over 200 activities for all generations to enjoy together – or across the miles. Signed copies of Grandloving are available by calling 800.262.1546 or at

Grandloving: Making Memories with Your Grandchildren, By Sue Johnson and Julie Carlson, Heartstrings Press, $16.95

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