Hot stuff :: Stocking stuffers

There’s a plethora of great stuff that comes in a smallish package. Here’s a look at a few products certain to please both young and old.


Chuao Chocolatier, a U.S. based Venezuelan Chocolatier, has put together some unique combinations: Firecracker, a combo of caramel fudge with chipotle chile and salt, rolled in popping candy and then covered with dark chocolate; and Potato chips in chocolate: milk chocolate with kettle cooked chips, among others., also available at France 44 Cheese Shop & Deli in Minneapolis; about $6


Bubble blowing

Skip the silver spoon and decide on this adorable bubble wand. Hand-cast in pewter, it will dip perfectly into a traditional bottle of bubbles. Put a name on one side and say something different on the other if you wish—it’s up to you.; about $32


Mineral makeup

Organic, vegan, and eco-friendly, Austin, Texas-based Everyday Minerals’ founder Carina Menzies believes that all-natural makeup products should not cost a fortune. Combined in a lovely all cotton makeup bag printed with eco-friendly inks, this cute kit is a perfect fit for even the smallest of stockings.; about $16


Orange you glad…

…you aren’t going to put an apple in the toe of the holiday stocking? Surprise your recipient with Appletters, a strategic game of lettered tiles, packed in an apple pouch. Originally designed with younger players in mind, the game now features three levels of play to amuse kids and challenge adults.; about $15


Text tapping

The Edina-based Style-iT 2-in-1 stylus + ballpoint pen keeps any touchscreen device smudge-free. Great for anytime you need a bit more control than your fingertip. One side is clearly for tapping on your screen; turn it around, remove the cap and you have a working ballpoint.; about $25


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