HOT STUFF // Toddler Training

As babies move into toddlerhood

1 late night light
GIIMMO Magic Animal Friend Night Lights have a rainbow for a heart and fill the room with a kaleidoscope of light to help soothe your child to sleep. They are also bendable and portable for those late night walks to the bathroom. You only have to gently tap on or off. Plenty of cute animals are available including panda, elephant, hedgehog, and many more. Available at Live, Laugh, Love in Edina at 50th & France or About $35

2 tissues for teeth
No one knows more about developing good habits at an early age than Grace Lo and Jonathan Korn — dentists who have created TOOTH TISSUES: disposable textured dental wipes specially designed to help remove plaque from your baby and toddler’s teeth and gums.; about $7

3 sun in style
Touting the tag line, “Where hip meets health,” K&J sun protective clothing blocks out 99% of harmful UV rays, is 100% cotton and has no chemicals added. Because sun protection should begin at birth — one blistering or five non-blistering childhood sunburns double the lifetime risk of developing melanoma, a potentially fatal form of skin cancer — dermatologist and founder Dr. Mona Gohara developed these fashionable, functional tees for age birth to 24 months.; about $20

4 handy hanger
If you have been propping the potty seat against the wall or toilet when it’s not in use, consider this simple and affordable product to keep the clutter down to a minimum. The POTTY HOOK fits on all toilet tanks and most potty seats. Available at in some specialty stores as well as online (search Potty Hook and let your computer do the rest). About $6

5 just ducky
AQUEDUCK by Peachy, LLC makes hand-washing easier for kids. Rather than lifting your little one up, or leaving a stool in your home bathroom, Aqueduck solves the problem by bringing the water closer to kids! Just slip it onto the faucet and the water is extended several inches, helping your little ones reach it all on their own. Compact and lightweight., about $13

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