It’s a boy!

It’s a BOY! 

The refrain keeps ringing in my mind. After having two girls, these three words are so new and thrilling. 

When my husband announced them, they brought tears to my eyes, and I reached forward and pulled a beautiful baby to my chest. 

The dream of Archibald Kenneth has been in our hearts for many years. We’ve always hoped to one day have a son, and this special name has been our choice ever since my first pregnancy, beginning in 2012. The middle name is after his paternal grandfather, an Iowa farmer. We are calling him Archie.

Here he is, at 3 hours old. 

The girls are taking to him famously. 

Jane has such pure love for Archie. She couldn’t stop hugging him when they first met.

Maria considers herself his special helper. Here she is trying to boost his blood sugar and feeling quite proud. 

All that extra time baking in the oven made a difference: Archie was a whopping 9 pounds 11 oz and 21.75 inches! 

And now he’s calling to me, ready to be nursed again — more later!  

 Christina Ries is a freelance writer who lives with her husband, two young girls and newborn son in Inver Grove Heights.