Kid book

Welcome to Your World, Baby
By Brooke Shields
HarperCollins Children’s Books
$16.99, ages 3–8

Famous model and actress Brooke Shields has written a wonderful book about what it means to be a big sister. Together, the sister and new baby explore the world around them and learn what it means to share childhood memories together. This is a charmingly illustrated book that celebrates siblings and the adventures of childhood.

Ibby’s Magic Weekend
By Heather Dyer
Scholastic, $16.99, ages 7–10

Ibby and her troublemaking cousins explore their family’s old country house and discover a magical box of tricks in a forgotten attic. The children discover the toys are indeed magic when Ibby’s cousin Francis shrinks to the size of her thumb. Ibby has to take control of the situation and undo the magical charm with the help of a professional magician who disappeared years ago. This chapter book will leave newly independent readers eager for more.

Gully’s Travels
By Tor Seidler
$16.95, ages 8 and up

When Gulliver, a tremendously spoiled purebred dog, finds that he has to leave his well-appointed home because his owner has married a woman who is allergic to dogs, he moves into the doorman’s home in Queens. Complete with three crazy mutts and a disorganized, loud family, it’s far from what Gulliver is used to. But after a few exciting adventures, including crossing an ocean, Gulliver learns the true meaning of the word “home.”

See How They Run: Campaign Dreams, Election Schemes, and the Race to the White House
By Susan Goodman and Elwood Smith
Bloomsbury USA Children’s Books
$9.95, ages 9–12

With the elections coming up in November, this book takes a wonderful, humorous look at shenanigans in past elections. Illustrating the nuances of the election system in simple, fun ways, the book also examines how past candidates have used interesting techniques throughout the years to get elected.

Where People Like Us Live
By Patricia Cumbie
Harper Teen
$16.99, ages 13 and up

So much happens the summer before Libby starts high school: her family moves to Racine, Wisc., her father’s union goes on strike, cocky Angie takes her under her wing, and Libby learns a terrible secret. In clear, confident prose, Minnesotan Patricia Cumbie tells a story that weaves together friendship, secrets, and the horror of sexual assault. She finds a voice that 14-year-olds like Libby and Angie will recognize and warm to, without feeling patronized. This is Cumbie’s first novel. H

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