kid books: its elementary!

one for the parents (a helpful guide), and three for your early readers

Thumb Love

by Elise Primavera
Robin Corey Books
ages 4 to 8

Almost all people know someone who is — or was — a thumb sucker, and Thumb Love addresses this universal theme in an encouraging way, reminding young readers that no matter how frustrating or difficult the situation they may be facing is, perseverance always wins in the end. Learn Lulu’s 12-step program to weaning herself from the comforts of her favorite companion.

Tugg and Teeny

By J. Patrick Lewis
Sleeping Bear Press
ages 7 to 9

Best friends Tugg (a gorilla) and Teeny (a monkey) live together in their jungle neighborhood, Sidekick Thicket. As opposite as night and day, the two friends work and play together and when the irrepressible Teeny strikes out in a new direction, compassionate and always patient Tugg is at her side to help her find her way. For grades 2 to 3.

Kindergarten Diary

By Antoinette Portis
Harper, an imprint of Harper Collins
ages 4 to 8

Even though starting kindergarten can be a little overwhelming, Annalina shows young readers that there are a lot of new and exciting things to look forward to, such as meeting your teacher, playing on the monkey bars, feeding the class pet, and making new friends.

Meet the Teacher: How to Help Your Child Navigate Elementary School
By Betty Borowski and Laura Mayne
Firefly Books Ltd., $19.95

Veteran teachers and mothers themselves, the authors have written a practical guide for parents to steer their children through early school years. There is information on early reading and writing development, how to incorporate math into daily life, how to nurture good study habits, and more.

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