Summer Camp Planning goes from Job to Joy with myHappyCamper
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Do you struggle with summer camp planning? 

Are you in awe that planning 13 weeks takes 365 days!? 

As soon as summer is over, it’s time to pour over next summer’s schedules. As soon as the new year starts, registration begins. It’s a non-stop, year-round process!

Are your kids sick of being the new kid each week – at the wrong camp? 

Kids can’t be present or enjoy new experiences if they are not feeling comfortable. 

You are not alone! 

My husband, Sameer and I have been through this pain for the last 7 years with our two sons, ages 6 & 10. As local entrepreneurs we are passionate about problem solving. After 2 years of summer camp planning together with our family friends, we realized the need for a tool that helps all families find the right camps for their children and coordinate with other families. 

Imagine a website that takes the summer camp search (thank you MNParent for your amazing directory!), to the next level by filtering for individual sessions that are right for your kids. Then imagine ditching your excel spreadsheet to map out your “13 weeks of bliss” in an interactive calendar. Finally, picture yourself collaborating with your kids’ friends’ parents so you can “build your village one happy camper at a time.”

Now, open your eyes and head to – it’s now a reality! 

Stress-less summer camp planning with myHappyCamper

After 7 years of summer camp planning and 3 years of doing it in community, here’s my top 5 tips:

  • Involve your kids in the planning. While getting out of comfort zones is part of the process, please don’t send your non-swimmer to a camp that requires swimming, without a conversation first. Let their interests guide camp selection.
  • Keep immunization records and pediatrician information handy. Some camps require this information when registering. I’d hate for a last minute search to be the difference between registered and waitlisted!
  • Have back ups for camps that fill up fast. Every camp has different rules and registration dates. Make sure you have secondary options in case you don’t get the camp you (your child) wants.
  • Visit camps ahead of time. Some camps will have a “meet the counselor day” which is a great way to get a tour and help your child get familiar with what to expect when it’s time to attend – especially important for overnight camps!
  • Coordinate with like-minded friends. Summer is more fun with friends – for the kids AND the parents! You can use MyHappyCamper to schedule together, lean on each other and build a supportive community.

While MyHappyCamper’s initial goal is to help MN families make summer planning stressless, it’s our vision to help all families build their village.

In this post-lockdown period, loneliness is an epidemic. Not a week goes by that I don’t see an FB Mommy Group post about either a parent or child struggling to make friends.

I’ve been there many times. As a kid after moving to a new town in New York, I struggled to find a sense of belonging. When we moved to Minneapolis in 2011, it was just like when my parents immigrated to the US, only knowing 4 other people. Our parents taught us how to build community and in the past 10 years, I am proud to say Minneapolis is home because of the value system and the sense of belonging we’ve created with the friends we’ve made here. 

A group text message from myHappyCamper testing this past summer sums it it up as one dad share’s:

“Heading home with the kids. Annette {wife} is making pizza. See you all soon!”

We are turning summer camp planning into family playdate happenings! And we are looking forward to YOU joining us at

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Find out more about My Happy Camper here.

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