No Worms in School

Excerpts from old journal entries, my elementary school self:
Mid August: I can’t wait for school to start!!! I want to know who’s in my class!!!!
Third week of August: I can’t wait for school to start! I can’t wait I can’t wait I can’t WAIT!!
Labor Day: Yayyyyyy!!! School starts tomorrow! EEK!
Two days after school has begun: BLAW. I HATE SCHOOL.

Yes, it’s that time again — back to school. I was walking through Target the other day: the signs are up and supplies are out. They cleared out my beloved gardening section long before I felt it was appropriate for them to do so; and yet the magnetic draw of new marking pens and tablets of paper are as attractive to me as seed packets. Both displays hold the same appeal: fresh starts, new growth.

There is not a child in the world that will love every day of school. It’s just not possible. But the best way to help them accentuate the positive (beyond the unfathomable of our attending school with them to make certain they properly navigate the social graces and take advantage of every hand raising opportunity) is to make sure they are well rested, well fed, have their clothes ready for the next day, and know where their backpacks were last thrown. Beyond that, take a look at Kelly Jo McDonnell’s article beginning on page 14. She has some great ideas on how to make your household run smoothly now, in order to have a near flawless back to school week. 

I recall my dislike for school that particular day had something to do with being sent to the principal’s office after trying to resuscitate a bunch of dried-up worms. Note: do not bring worms into the school wrapped in wet paper towels and keep them in your desk. Someone is certain to snitch on you. Blaw.

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