Free school meals for Minnesota kids

As a state, we had an incredible opportunity this past legislative session to permanently provide free school meals (breakfast and lunch) for all K-12 students in Minnesota. The initiative passed this spring, and now Minnesota school kids are enjoying school lunches and breakfast thanks to the universal school meals state law. Minnesota is one of eight states that made school meal free.

Right now, schools across the state of Minnesota have access to free meals for all their students. Hunger affects every county in our state – 1 in 6 Minnesota children is food-insecure. And on top of that, 1 in 4 food-insecure kids comes from a household that doesn’t qualify for financial help with school meals. 

The Hunger-Free Schools initiative is a coalition, led by Hunger Solutions and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, made up of more than 20 Minnesota businesses, nonprofits, health groups, and education and youth partners, and they were the force behind the mission to make school meals permanently free for all students in our state. Thank you for supporting this effort and letting your legislators hear your voice.

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