Tooth Fairy stories

Minnesota Parent and Delta Dental asked kids to draw the Tooth Fairy and to write stories about losing a tooth.

Winning stories

First I had a Cinderella toothbrush, then I had a pink one, but I use a blue one now. I like the part of toothbrushing when I show Mommy and Daddy how my teeth are nice and shiny and glow in the dark. Someday I’ll have bigger teeth and lose some teeth, too.

Lydia Loomis, 5,

* * *

When I lose my tooth, I dig and put it in the ground. So then I will get a golden tooth. If I sell the golden tooth, I will get lots and lots of money, and with that money I can buy lots and lots of toys from Toys-R-Us.

Harsh Vardhon Choudhary, 6,
Mounds View

* * *

The healthiest teeth are the Tooth Fairy’s favorite ones. She enjoys turning them into beautiful shiny seashells and sprinkling them along the shoreline. Teeth that are not taken care of cause the Tooth Fairy lots of extra work. Remember, if you find a beautiful shell on the beach, it might have been your tooth.

Madalina Kelner, 11,

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