Tough Choices

I chose the school based on what I saw in the school, director, and scores.
Liliana Forzani, Minneapolis

Look at recent test scores!
Celeste McTighe, Woodbury

It is not possible to choose a school in our district. It is decided for us based on where we live. The city is divided into areas and your child goes to the elementary school depending on where the family lives. A family only has a choice if choosing a private, parochial, or charter school — one of the drawbacks of living in a smaller community. However, 10 miles away in Northfield, parents do have more choices, e.g. Spanish immersion, etc.
Kathy Macfarlane, Faribault

We plan to have our children go to the school down the street, but it’s also a very good school with a good reputation. We will have to decide where they will go after that, but I am sure we will evaluate our choices depending on the reputation, the teachers, and what they teach the kids — plus location does matter.
Tina Linne, Richfield

Based on the quality and uniqueness of the programs offered. It also has to be a public, no-tuition school. What’s the most important thing you look for in a school? A happy atmosphere.
Kyra Mesich, St. Paul

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