Toy trends: social responsibility
Theo therapy dog

We’ve tapped the experts at The Toy Insider for the scoop on what’s hot this year. One top trend includes toys that promote social responsibility — yes, please!

According to The Toy Insider: “Toys are teaching tools for kids, and it’s important they reflect the world around them. This year, toy companies are focused on creating toys that are culturally diverse, sustainable and accessible, helping to instill strong values in kids.”

Zoe doll

Zoe (Healthy Roots Dolls)

Created from a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Zoe doll features lifelike hair that can be washed and styled using real products. From curls to braids to everything in between, Zoe encourages kids to get creative while embracing the beauty in our diversity.

Ages 6+, $79.99

Lego home

LEGO Duplo Modular Playhouse (LEGO)

Toddlers can build this modular LEGO set to reflect an apartment-style tower or a residential house, as shown in the photo. It features a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom as well as several accessories for teaching kids various life skills through play.

Ages 2+, $47.99 (amazon:

recycling truck

Real Rigs Recycling Truck (Kid Trax/Pacific Cycle)

It’s never too early to teach kids about recycling! This ride-on truck comes with nine recyclable accessories such as a milk carton, a newspaper and plastic bottles, and it features more than 100 fun sound effects.

Ages 18 months+, $141 (amazon)

Theo therapy dog

Theo the Therapy Dog (Roylco)

This unique stuffed animal is designed to help kids cope with stress. It’s weighted (2.5 pounds), features a hot/cold pack and a lavender scent. Kids can simply snuggle Theo or lay it on their lap or shoulders to feel a sense of security and comfort.

Ages 3+, $54.95 (amazon)

Crayola colors of world

Crayola Colors of the World (Crayola)

Crayola has created new colors that celebrate more than 40 different skin tones. Shade names range from “extra light” to “deepest” and include three undertones: almond, golden and rose.

Ages 3+, $1.77-$2.49 (amazon)

Recycled panels

Geomag 100% Recycled Panels 114 Pieces (Geomagworld)

For kids who love to build stuff, this Geomag set will provide hours of playtime as well as an opportunity to learn about sustainability. It comes with magnetic rods, steel spheres and 100 percent recycled plastic panels that can be used to build anything imaginable.

Ages 5+, $39.99 (amazon)

Big Life Journal

Big Life Journal

Filled with activities and prompts to get kids thinking and writing about important everyday topics, this journal helps to teach kids confidence, resilience, gratitude, kindness and self-love. Journals are available for a variety of ages at

Daily Edition, Ages 6-10, $19.95 (amazon)

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