What you can do now to get ready for the school year

We asked readers of our weekly e-newsletter, Minnesota Parent This Week, for their tips for preparing for the new school year, which begins in three… two… one…

Start setting the new bedtimes at least a couple weeks ahead. Look at sales now for some of the back-to-school clothes that will be needed.
— Thomas Rothe, Farmington

We start doing some more writing activities and workbooks to get back into the “studying” groove.
— Joanne Magpuri, Champlin

Take one child at a time for back-to-school shopping. As a reward go to a movie.
— Becky Lohnes, Minneapolis
Keep the kids reading over the summer. Don’t get the bedtime routine too late.
— Leslie Blanchard, Newport

I think that it’s important that they continue to learn throughout the summer, which enables them to retain more knowledge for when the school year begins.
— Leah Elliot, Inver Grove Heights

Earlier bedtimes.
— Arlene Vogel, Blaine

Get the kids to bed a little earlier each night until back on track.
—Sara-Lynn Nash, Apple Valley

Shop early!!!!!
— Dan Powers, Robbinsdale

Do some reading over the summer and stay in touch with one or two friends from school.
— Teresa Dinndorf, Albany

Begin getting to bed a half hour earlier each week, one month prior to starting, along with dinner and bath becoming more routine.
— Tami Minor, Elko

I have my son do short math problems and spelling tests throughout the summer. We spend about an hour and a half each morning doing this.
— Timecka Sanchez, St. Paul

Psyche them up about going back to school
over the summer. Continue play-dates with school friends.
— Linda Roettger, St. Paul

Start the new routine — bed and getting up — about two weeks beforehand so the kids are used to it once school starts.
— Tammy Kane, Minneapolis

Read all summer long.
— Don Ackerman, Burnsville

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