Whats for lunch?

We asked readers of our weekly e-newsletter, Minnesota Parent This Week, what they thought of their kids’ school lunches.

My kids’ school lunches are pretty healthy, but I don’t think there should be vending machines with snacks located in the lunch room.
— Don Regep, South St. Paul

School lunches are expensive, and they seem to have the same things over and over. I think they try to be healthy, but overall I think they could do better.
— Lisa Larson, Fridley

It is tasty and affordable, and some of it is healthy. I wish they would increase the fiber and whole grains offered, but I’m sure it is a cost issue. I’ve also suggested they try serving oven-fried sweet potatoes instead/alongside of French fries.
— Kathleen Taylor, Woodbury

This year, the school is trying really hard to have healthy food. I eat school lunch twice a week, so I have firsthand experience with what is served. It is incredible what kids will eat when they are hungry!
— Alicia Garcia, St. Paul

I think with today’s focus on nutrition, the schools offer a healthy lunch. The problem is that kids don’t have to eat it. I’ve seen kids throw away their vegetables, so we have to get kids to make the right choices.
— Don Ackerman, Burnsville

I think they have made great strides in making school lunches healthy. I find them affordable, and my kids circle the dates on the lunch calendar of items they find tasty, which is about four to six times per month.
— Marcy Anagnostou, Eagan

It’s somewhat healthy and tasty — affordable. It’s a hard line to balance, as there are so many children and so many parents, all with different tastes and ideas.
— Rana Thomas, Lakeville

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