Wide awake

Welcome to our annual Baby Issue! 

Whether you’re feeding a newborn right this very second, patting your belly in anticipation of a very important arrival or maybe even getting ready to welcome your first grandchild, this issue is for you! 

I expect the most-read article this month will be our sleep story, outlining five different types of infant sleepers.

Do you have a Houdini, a night owl, a cat napper, a rockaholic or an early bird?

Oh my gosh: When my son was an infant, I think I had ALL FIVE! 

All I wanted was sleep in those early days! 

Alas, I was blessed with a 5 a.m. riser.

In the beginning, we fought it with everything we had — later bedtimes, earlier bedtimes, more napping, less napping, more food, less food, bath, no bath, black-out shades, white noise, you name it. 

Did some of those things help? 

Well, I suppose they did, a little. And if that gave us a feeling of getting even five more minutes of sleep, you bet it was worth it! 

But did we ever really find the answer? 

No. In the end, our son had a default setting of early bird. 

I gradually learned I would forever wistfully sigh when my friends mentioned 7, 8 or even 9 a.m. wakings — as we endured year after year of 5 a.m. Saturdays and Sundays.

There was no answer but acceptance. The only way out of it was through it. (And if I’m honest, his Dad did most of the early weekend shifts.)

I also told myself that, unlike all the other moms, I was getting EXTRA time with my child, more of a parenting life (however out of balance it felt sometimes with my dreams of sleep).

Today, our son — mostly due to later bedtimes and perhaps physical maturity — is an 8-year-old who sleeps until 6 or, oh my, 6:30.

And, on the weekends, he now gets up and watches TV without me while I doze. 

It’s heavenly! 

But sometimes I just get up and start the day with him, especially if he asks. 

He won’t be in my home forever and I don’t want to miss out. 

Sweet dreams!