Life with multiples!

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"Above all else, keep the babies on the SAME routine; once that’s accomplished, life is that much easier! And finally, ENJOY the small moments — the cuddles, smiles and first giggles."

– Karen Kartman of Lino Lakes, mother of twins Aubrey and Lyla, pictured with big brother, Colby, 4, and Dad, Paul


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"Throw your expectations out the window and just do what works best for you and your new little family. We tried forcing sleeping in the nursery and breastfeeding and doing it all on our own — at first. But life got so much better when I started just pumping instead, asking for help from friends and family and figuring out a night schedule that worked for us — even if it was a bit unorthodox. It’s survival mode at first, and that’s OK. It gets easier as the months go on."

— Natalie Mehrhoff of Savage, mother of twins Quinn and Logan

"One day you will look back on every sleepless night, screaming day and stressful situation and be overwhelmingly proud. You can do it!" 

— Jake Mehrhoff of Savage, father of Quinn and Logan 


"Always take advice from others with a grain of salt! I got some advice that was great, and I got some advice that really didn’t apply to us! Each kid will be different and each family’s situation is different. My girls were quads and were born 27 weeks premature. Their brother, James, lived 10 days. When people say the NICU is a rollercoaster, they are not exaggerating. Our girls were fighters and both my husband and I were their advocates in the NICU, really immersing ourselves in their care. I say: Always accept help when offered; don’t try to be a supermom/superdad or you will burn yourself out.

— Martha Klopp of Oakdale, mother of Josie, Madeline, Sofia, 6, and Will, 3. Follow her blog here


"Get connected with a group of parents of multiples. We are a special group of parents that understand the exceptional joy and increased challenges of having twins. I connected with a Facebook group of Minneapolis Mommas of Multiples and they have been my lifeline. "

— Michelle Ulland of North St. Paul, mother of twins Carter and Elianna 


"When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I worried about how it would affect my relationship with my 2-year-old daughter. I wondered how I’d have enough love in my heart for two more babies. But the first time I held my twins, my heart just got fuller. Someone knew I needed all three."

— Valerie Moe of Bloomington, mother of twins Jacob and Seraphina, pictured with big sister, Olivia, 3. In addition to being the Senior Graphic Designer for Minnesota Parent, she also blogs about useful products, helpful parenting tips and fun projects on Moe-Mama's Must-Haves.


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"Keep a good routine. My twins always seem to be on the same page because we have always changed them, fed them and put them down for naps at the same time. "

— Janelle Heppes of Ramsey, mother of twins Gavin and Charlee Heppes


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"Twins are hard — and an extra set of hands is wonderful and welcome. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s not a sign of weakness, but strength. Also be patient with yourself. "

— Nicole Marohl of Bloomington, mother of twins Mira and Henry


"Take lots of pictures! You’re in survival mode in the beginning and hardly have the energy to look around and appreciate your multiples. Once you settle in, you’ll be so glad to have the pictures to reflect back on."

— Melissa Block of Eagan, mother of twins Madden and Joseph


"Let the little things go if you can; sometimes it’s just about survival."

— Alison Nelson of Maple Grove, mother of twins Georgia and Brooks


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"I was devastated when I found out I was having twins. We already had a daughter who would only be 2 when they were born. Two seemed like too much. I didn’t know how I would care for two newborns. I was worried the pregnancy would be too hard. Would I have to go on bed rest? Will the babies be alright? Would I be able to nurse two? Would I ever sleep again? How could I juggle two newborns and a toddler (three under 3)? In the end, none of that mattered. They handed me two perfect babies. Our days are busy, but full of love. Two was the perfect amount."

— Hannah Riederer of St. Paul, mother of twins Judah and Levi, and Charlotte, 2, pictured with Dad, John


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"Getting them on the same, or close to the same, schedule is key to surviving the first year. For instance, if one baby wakes to eat, wake the other and feed them as well. Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures and especially videos. Keep a journal to track all of the important milestones and memories. And most importantly, don’t forget to stock up on coffee!"

— Allison Wilker of Hugo, mother of twins Jack and Molly, pictured with Dad, Patrick


"Remember that you and your significant other are on the same team. It’s pretty easy to lose sight of that amidst all the chaos. And remember that you are stronger than you think. You were given the gift of twins for a reason."

— Kim Buerger of Woodbury, mother of twins Riley and Emmie


"Be patient. Everything takes twice as long but it is twice as fun!"

— Krista Vanderveren of Elko New Market, mother of twins Kali and Kylie


"Take it one day at a time. Twice the stress and attention means twice the love back. It’s crazy, but worth it!"

— Kristin Moan of Nowthen, mother of twins Hayden and Dylan


"Don’t buy everything in doubles except for the necessary items (most expensive are car seats and double strollers). The first year of life is a sleepless blur; potty training is a chore, too. But after every sleepless night and crazy day, you look at your two miracles and realize you wouldn’t — and couldn’t — want it ANY other way. P.S. It really DOES take a village! So get a strong support system, and take a night off!"

— Christina Anderson of White Bear Township, mother of Cody and Casey Koehler


"Get on and enjoy the ride. It doesn’t get any easier, it just gets different."

— Heather Dionne of Savage, mother of Payton and Mallory, pictured with Dad, Jason


"The stronger you are with your family, marriage and things you CAN control, the better you’ll be prepared for the things you can’t control. Focus on what you can impact and enjoy the ride!"

— Adrienne Jonas of St. Louis Park, mother of Eleanor and Annabelle, pictured with big sister, Josie, 4



"Don’t be afraid to call upon your village for help."

— Becca Starr of St. Louis Park, mother of Jacob and Will

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