Book Shelf – Pioneers, explorers, and heroes

People who affected change, or those who learned how to make a change, are seen through the eyes of children

We are America: A Tribute from the Heart
By Walter Dean Myers and Christopher Myers
Harper Collins, $16.99

The father-son team that created Harlem explore what it is to be an American, taking readers on a moving journey through U.S. history with vivid lyrical free verse and sweeping panorama paintings. This lovely picture book features vivid portraits of political Americans, from Tecumseh to Abraham Lincoln to Jimi Hendrix.

Goyangi Means Cat

By Christine McDonnell
Viking, $16.99

In this beautifully illustrated book, young Soo Min comes from Korea to live with her American family, and everything is new and strange to her. There are strange foods, and words she doesn’t understand. But she finds a friend who is easy to talk to: Goyangi, the family cat. When he goes missing, it’s up to Soo Min to find him—and discover that home truly is here the heart is.

My Name is not Isabella

By Jennifer Fosberry
Sourcebooks Jaberwocky, $16.99

Isabella takes a trip through history, pretending to be some of the groundbreaking women who affected change. Her imagination turns an ordinary day extraordinary as she becomes Annie the sharpshooter, Rosa the activist, Marie the scientist. and more. The book also features short bios in a “women who changed the world” section in the back of the book. Note: There is also My Name is not Alexander, offering the groundbreaking men of history in the same format.

Elizabeth I: The People’s Queen, Her Life and Times, 21 Activities

By Kerrie Logan Hollihan
Chicago Review Press, $16.95

Queen Elizabeth I, crowned at age 26 after a dramatic series of events including the execution of her mother, ruled her country with determination and spirit. Her eventful 45-year reign strengthened her country as a chief military power and made a lasting impression on its art and culture, paving the way for the English Renaissance. Also included are 21 activities to aid a child’s understanding of history, including creating a family coat of arms.

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