Do you need this? – Pump Ease

The Pump Ease hands-free pumping support system was designed by a mom who found the process of pumping to be boring and time-intensive. I am so excited to share with you that Pump Ease actually works! The Pump Ease can fit over your nursing bra or over nothing, adjusts to varying breast sizes, and ensures a comfortable, clean pumping experience. Best of all: it works with single, double, battery powered, or electric pumps. As a mother who has been pumping for the last several weeks (my baby is three months old), this product is just what I needed. Each time I would pump, I would feel my shoulders and neck getting tense as I tried to hold the bottles in place to make sure I didn’t drip all over my clothing.  Surprisingly, this product holds the bottles directly in place, with just the right pressure that truly no hands are needed. I love it!

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