Do you need this? – Yoplait Kids Yogurt

Next to my stack of unread Parenting magazines is the guilt I feel for “slacking” when it comes to absorbing current child-rearing advice. Of course, my remedy for this morphs into bursts of shopping for my son that leaves my SuperTarget cart filled with potential Quinn snacks (and miscellaneous toys) and little to make for an adult dinner. These toddler grocery binges usually bring out the “health-conscious” Mommy and I steer my cart towards the organic products. In the case of yogurt, I’m often drawn to Stonyfield Farm products because of the organic label. And even as these products expire in my fridge, I mentally insist that the organic label means something to me and to my son. When given the chance to sample Yoplait Kids yogurt, I found that Quinn noted little difference between the two and consumed them with the same “Sometimes I like yogurt, sometimes I don’t and sometimes I’ll only eat it at daycare” attitude. Quinn’s daycare peers had the same review: they liked both yogurts equally. So I think it boils down to your shopping criteria: cost, how much the organic label really means to you, whether your kid is a huge Dora fan (the character featured on Yoplait) and your child’s palate.

$3.19 for a six-pack

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