Edinborough Park is a Gigantic Indoor Park in Edina

Being a parent in Minnesota means one thing in the winter! Looking for indoor playgrounds to bring the kids when it’s too cold to go outside! There are plenty of places to bring your kids throughout the Twin Cities, and we are sure thankful for that! We visited one of Edina’s most popular indoor playparks, Edinborough Park. This park is fully enclosed and has enough activities to keep all the kids in your group occupied for an entire day. We are excited to share more about what you’ll find there, and we encourage you to plan a visit to see for yourself!

Edinborough Park is the most popular indoor playground in Edina, Minnesota. It is a staple for Minnesotans who want to feel like they are outdoors when they are inside!

The Adventure Peak playground is the most popular part of Edinborough Park. Your kids can crawl, explore and get lost it in, with several stories, it is just like being in a treehouse! For the little kids, there’s a smaller playground, Little Peak, right next door with over 45 activities to keep the kids entertained.


The Great Hall is such a fun place for the whole family to play. It’s a large, open space with equipment to play with, including basketballs, hula hoops, scooters, a bouncy house and more.


The park has an amphitheater inside too! They host concerts, story time, movies and more here. Make sure to check their calendar to see what is happening next.

Want to make a day of if? Bring your lunch and snacks or stop by the concession stand. There are plenty of lockers, cubbies and seating to store your stuff and have lunch together!

Want more information? Check out the City of Edina website to get all the details on hours, admission and events happening at Edinborough Park.

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