Gingerbread House Ideas

Over eight gingerbread house ideas are shared here.

We have a house divided! Half are dreamers, and the other half are realists! Our dreamers are the gingerbread house makers and boy, do they make some amazing houses every year.

What I love about our creatives is what they come up with each year for their gingerbread houses! Check out these gingerbread house ideas to get inspired to create your own masterpiece!

2023 Log Cabin Gingerbread House-

log cabin gingerbread house with chimney

This gingerbread house started as a Jelly Belly kit from Menards. This year the theme is log cabin. The logs are made from pretzel sticks, the door is molded from a granola bar, the roof is Golden Graham cereal and the chimney is made from almonds. The entire gingerbread house is edible but is glued together using a hot glue gun. 

2022 Gingerbread House and Choo Choo Train-

These kits came from Menards. One of the kits contained the house and other kit contained the train. We made the tree from mint Oreos.

2021 Gingerbread House-

2020 Gingerbread House-

2019 Gingerbread House with Christmas Tree-

2018 Gingerbread House Coliseum with Christmas Tree –

We had to share the process on this one! It took days to complete and they were very proud of their work! It was impressive!

2017 Gingerbread House Mansion-


This one happened after we visited the Norway House Gingerbread House show! It has stained glass windows (with a light inside the house so the windows glowed), a shake roof and a brick exterior, it was topped off with a string of lights for the ultimate gingerbread house!

2016 Gingerbread Houses-

This one was for Grandma’s house.

2015 Gingerbread House and Man-

Any questions on how these are crafted or constructed? Leave a comment below and we will get back to you!

PRO tip – Hot glue guns are used to make every one of our gingerbread houses! 

Share your Gingerbread House Ideas with us!


One thought on “Gingerbread House Ideas

  1. These are awesome! That colosseum one is so cool! My son finally let us throw out his three-month-old gingerbread house with the caveat that we make another one this week. We couldn’t throw that thing in our dumpster rental faster! Lol he’s been drawing up some plans and I figured I should do a little research too, and that colosseum one may be a top choice. Thanks for sharing!

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