How to make Holiday Potpourri

Giftable Christmas Stove Potpourri

Another easy, affordable and beautiful bulk gift (think teachers, neighbors, co-workers) are these giftable Christmas stove potpourri. We even have a cute printable for you to hit the easy button! And make sure to save one for your own home so you can enjoy all the smells of Christmastime. 

The great thing about this gift is that there are so many great combinations to add. You really can’t go wrong! Here are some common ingredients to add to your stove potpourri: 


Citrus fruits (oranges, lemons & limes) – you can dry ahead of time or place in whole and tell them to slice

Apples (dried or fresh) 

Pine (if you have a real tree in your house, just cut from a bottom branch!) 

Fresh rosemary


Cinnamon sticks 



You can easily find these items in your local grocery store or try buying in bulk at Costco or Sam’s Club to save some money if you plan on making a lot. 

You can package these up in many different and beautiful ways. Other supplies needed: 

Old jelly jars or mason jars

Clear plastic treat bags 

Twine or ribbon

Hole punch


The assembly is pretty easy! I started with some cranberries on the bottom. Next I added some dried orange and apple slices. The cinnamon sticks might be my favorite, so I made sure to add a few of those and threw in some pine.  I layered my jar and bag a bit so you could see all of the different varieties from the outside.  

Lastly, download the printable here, cut them out and add a hole punch in the corner. Then I simply wrapped the twine around the bars and jars and included the tag. HOW CUTE did these turn out? Bonus: my house smelled AMAZING after I put these all together! 

These are easy to assemble, look beautiful and make your entire home smell like Christmas! It’s a perfect festive gift enjoyed by all.

Ann is an entrepreneur working in the Twin Cities parenting world for over a decade. She is a St. Paul girl at heart, born & raised. Together with her husband Brian they raise their energetic boys, Ethan & Declan while also wrangling their dogs Tucker & Greta. You can connect with Ann on Instagram @simplyme_ann

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