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No falling flat

Flat screen televisions are top-heavy, and therefore crash-prone (especially around kids and pets)! The solution: with Anti-Tip Flat Screen TV Safety Straps, you can anchor your flat screen to your TV stand or wall. Works with all televisions (multiple attachment screws included), and the straps adjust from two- to 30-inches in length to fit your particular space.; about $12

Burning bright

Relax and let the candles “burn” without the hazard of an open flame. Offering a realistic flickering effect coupled with a warm glow, Energizer Flameless candles have a four-hour automatic timer and will run up to 300 hours on three AA batteries. LED never needs replacing.; 

about $20 to 30 depending upon style

Pool pals

There’s a reason that the first place parents are instructed to look for a lost child is the backyard pool (or other body of water), children can drown in a matter of seconds. The Safety Turtle kit includes a bracelet-style sensor that securely attaches to the child’s wrist and transmits a signal to a base system. If the sensor becomes wet, a shrill alarm is set off, similar to a smoke detector. Can be used on a boat or lakeshore, too.; 

about $282

Back up plan

We don’t all have new cars with built in monitors to view what’s behind us when we back up. According to, a nonprofit group that works to improve child safety around cars, at least 50 children are backed over every week in the U.S. LCD monitor is attached to the windshield; a water-resistant camera mounts to your license plate. A wireless transmitter allows the two devices to connect with each other, both of which turn on any time the car is in reverse. to find a local retailer; about $99 to $249

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