Knowledge is power!

What’s your parenting superpower?

My friend Beth is unfailingly patient and levelheaded with her two. Bob connects with his kids – really connects – in the same sincere, honest way he connects with adults. Annie can explain any scientific process her kids want to know about, and she doesn’t even have to make stuff up. My husband gives his love and support so openly to our kids that I think they might ultimately be saved from therapy one day.

Mine? I know stuff. I don’t know everything, of course – and I certainly don’t know biology like Annie – but I keep an ear to the ground. An exciting exhibit, a great summer festival, a new community resource – we’re there.

It’s an occupational perk.

But even I was surprised by the Family Favorites our writers submitted for this issue. It had never occurred to me to watch a triathlon with the kids, but we’ll check out the Life Time Fitness Triathlon kids’ events this year. My train-mad boy hasn’t been to Choo Choo Bob’s yet, but we’ll fix that this weekend. And now I know where to find purple cowboy boots. With rhinestones.

Yep, as we all learned from “Schoolhouse Rock,” knowledge is power. (Turns out our cartoon friends stole that from a guy named Francis Bacon. Who knew?)