Making a list or no?

We asked readers of our weekly e-newsletter, Minnesota Parent This Week, whether they encourage their kids to make gift lists for the holidays.

My kids are young, 6, 4, and almost 2. If I had them make a wish list, they would want everything! Whenever a commercial comes on for something they want, I tell them to put it on their list. They have not yet figured out that they don’t have a list. If there is a toy that they really make a big deal about, I make a mental note to myself about it.
— Barb Adams, Lakeville

I do ask my children to make a list. I also ask them to rank their list, so we can at least get one or two things that they really want. They know they won’t be receiving everything on the list. Legos are always a big request, but we are usually surprised by one or two items every year!
— Hayley Boho, Anoka

Yes. When I tell them to put it on their list it stops the requests to get it now and they have to think about whether that particular item is desirable enough to qualify for a place on “the list.”
— Stacey Ryan, Hugo

Yes, if they remember to put it on their list, they must really want it; if they forget, then they must not.
— Tiffany Tevlin, Oakdale

I ask my teenager for a list because he is getting to the age of having a particular taste in clothing, music, etc. My toddler will get the Fleet Farm catalog to pick out items that grab her attention.
 — Angela Spinler, Osseo

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