Sisterly love

These books are thoughtful, helpful and delightful most of the time, but sisters can be tricky, too, especially if you’re trying to welcome a baby sister home (and become a Big Brother) or if you’re trying to become a Big Sister (to your new baby brother).  Even not having a sister can be hard, especially when you have triplet brothers!


Maple & Willow Together

These two sisters are best friends who do everything together — hide-and-seek, catching grasshoppers and even sharing a secret language. Sometimes, however, big sisters can be bossy. And sometimes little sisters can be frustrating! But for Maple and Willow — illustrated in a cute style reminiscent of Peanuts — the fighting doesn’t last long. They realize they can’t be apart — because even apologizing to your sister can be fun.

By Lori Nichols

Ages 3 and up



Loula and the Sister Recipe

Loula’s three brothers, the “Rotten Pirate Triplets,” don’t want to play with her. What she really needs is a sister. But when she asks her parents to make one for her, they tell her it’s not that easy. “It’s like making a cake,” her father says, trying to explain. Perfect! Loula can follow a recipe. She sets out with her loyal sidekick, Gilbert, the family’s chauffeur, to do just that. Loula doesn’t return with a sister exactly, but she finds something that comes pretty close. 

By Anne Villeneuve

Ages 3–7



Tell Me What to Dream About 

That’s what Little Sister says to Big Sister. Big Sister presents her sibling with a variety of wild ideas — all fantastically illustrated — including eating teeny waffles with tiny animals; living in a tree-house town; and inhabiting a world of in which everything’s furry. Little Sister is wary of each idea, but then the girls hit on the perfect idea for a dream — and they can barely keep their eyes open.

By Giselle Potter

Ages 3–7



I Am a Big Sister!

With the arrival of a new baby comes many transitions, and big sisters may need a little extra tender loving care to adjust. This sweet board book, featuring an adorable toddler, seems just right for an older sister getting ready to welcome a sibling. (I Am a Big Brother! is available from the same author-illustrator.)

By Caroline Jayne Church

Ages 2–4



Here She Is!

Little Bear can’t wait to have a new baby sister. But shortly after Baby Anna arrives, he finds he isn’t having much fun. Why does he feel so lonely and frustrated? Can he find a way to enjoy his new life?

By Catherine Leblanc

Illustrated by Eve Tharlet

Ages 3–5