These 6 MN Hospitals Listed as Best To Have A Baby

For Minnesota parents who are expecting, bringing a little one into the world comes with many questions. One question is where are we going to have our baby? Parents now can find out the best hospital to give birth at in Minnesota. Parents can do their research ahead of time and that can make all the difference when it comes to knowing you made the right decision when the time comes to head to the hospital to deliver your baby!

This week U.S. News & World Report released its inaugural list of Best Hospitals For Maternity. The list recognizes over 200 hospitals across the United States that are high-performing when it comes to labor, delivery, and maternity care.

These Minnesota hospitals made the 2021 list:

Here are the 5 factors they took into consideration when compiling the list:

  1. C-section rates in low-risk women
  2. Newborn complications
  3. Scheduled early deliveries
  4. Rate of exclusive breast milk feeding
  5. Option for vaginal births after a C-section

This data was analyzed from a total of 2,700 hospitals by U.S. News. The hospitals that performed well had fewer early deliveries, fewer newborn complications, and fewer C-sections compared with other hospitals across the United States.

Want to learn more about the methodology? More information is available on U.S. News’ website.

You can view the full list of 2021 Best Hospitals for Maternity 

Photo by Jonathan Borba

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