Three Reasons I Chose New Horizon Academy

By Jenni Haas

I have worked in the early childhood field for eleven years. I have worked for small, in-home daycares and nationally known childcare companies. While the job description was always the same, the company was not. New Horizon Academy is hands down the best company I have ever worked for, and here is why:

  1. Our Mission

Our mission is to open “New Horizons” of self-esteem and potential for the little people entrusted to our care, their families, and our employees by providing and continuously improving the best child development on the planet.

What I love about our mission is that we promote children’s individuality and self-esteem. We teach children that being unique is okay. We teach children to learn to love themselves so they in turn can learn to love others. We teach children that at their highest highs and their lowest lows, they are always worthy of our love. I appreciate our mission as an employee and also as a parent of three children who attend New Horizon Academy.

  1. The Leadership

When you hear “CEO” you may think of someone who only cares about money. Fortunately for New Horizon Academy, our CEO, Chad Dunkley, is not a typical CEO. He is not driven by money—he is driven by his care for children and our teachers. I love his passion for our industry and how he always fights for not only New Horizon Academy, but also the little mom-and-pop shops and even our biggest competitors. When he speaks, I know he genuinely cares for children’s well-being (regardless of where they attend childcare). His priority has always been to fight for teacher’s wages and accessibility to childcare for all families. His commitment to children and our staff is a huge reason why I choose to work at New Horizon Academy.

  1. Opportunities for Advancement in Career and Education

I had been a teacher for many years and an assistant director with another company prior to coming to New Horizon Academy. At that time, I remember asking about advancement opportunities and my director said, “Well, I won’t be around forever!” meaning the only advancement opportunity I had was if/when she left her position. At New Horizon Academy, when I expressed interest in advancing my career, I received so much emotional support and encouragement. Not only that, but I was also offered tuition reimbursement and partnerships with scholarships. Today, New Horizon Academy offers even more financial support by paying for 100 percent of your AA in early childhood or CDA and tuition reimbursement for your bachelor’s and master’s degree. We have 80+ locations, and we are always looking for passionate people to lead our schools.

If you are considering a career in childcare, I highly recommend New Horizon Academy. I strongly believe I have found my forever home here.

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