Five Ways For Your Child to Learn This Summer

Summer is here! The sun is shining, the swimming pools are open, and kids are itching to dive headfirst into days full of movies, trampolines, and video games. While we understand the need for rest and play, it’s also essential to keep those little minds sharp and prevent summer learning loss. Reading every day is always a good rule of thumb during school breaks, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these five ways to keep kids sharp during summer without realizing they’re learning.

  1. Cooking and baking – Turn your kitchen into a culinary playground and let your kids become master chefs! They’ll be whipping up delicious dishes while unknowingly diving into math, reading and problem-solving skills. From designing menus to measuring ingredients and following recipes, they’ll be cooking up a storm of knowledge!  
  2. Outdoor exploration – Get your little explorers outdoors and let their curiosity run wild! Whether you’re vacationing or enjoying some backyard fun, encourage them to discover the wonders of nature. Rivers, swimming holes, parks and family hikes are perfect opportunities to identify different plant and animal species. Thanks to cool apps like Seek from iNaturalist, they’ll become expert biologists in no time!
  3. Podcasts and audiobooks – Get ready for road trip adventures that will leave your kids on the edge of their seats! Say goodbye to those yawn-inducing car rides and hello to mind-blowing podcasts and captivating audiobooks. These thrilling stories and fascinating ideas will have your little ones completely engrossed, all while their imaginations soar to new heights. With gems like “BrainsOn!,” Tumble,” and “StarTalk Radio,” the whole family will be hooked in an instant!  
  4. Arts and crafts – Let your child’s creativity soar with arts and crafts galore! Painting, drawing, sculpting with clay – the possibilities are endless. They can even transform recycled materials into funky art pieces. Not only will they have a blast, but they’ll also boost their fine motor skills, nurture their creativity and express themselves. 
  5. Gardening – Immerse yourselves in the wonderful world of gardening, where your kids will bloom into horticultural wizards! Together, explore the best plants for the Minnesota summer and learn how to care for them. They’ll take charge and proudly witness the fruits of their labor as they watch their plants grow. Gardening teaches responsibility and nurtures their green thumbs, all while they’re having a blast outdoors! 

Remember, summer break is about recharging and having a blast. But who says you can’t sneak in some brain-boosting activities too? By incorporating these fun learning adventures into your child’s summer routine, you’ll ensure they have an amazing vacation while expanding their minds. 

So go ahead, enjoy an unforgettable summer filled with laughter, sunshine and learning. Let the fun begin!

man and boy gardening together during the summer months

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