Woof! Bounce! Meow!

Is there anything better than a fluffy friend? Pets can teach valuable lessons to kids, like the importance of kindness, sharing, responsibilities and even loss. They’re also darn cute. Crack these books open to explore not just the wacky adventures of adorable creatures, but also how kids should act around animals.

The Best Days Are Dog Days

A day in the life never looked so fun. This captivating picture book draws darling parallels between a sweet French bulldog and its little girl owner throughout the day.

Both need to eat, play, bathe and stretch. Bonus: Gouache watercolor illustrations give this book a hipster-y, handmade feel.

Ages 3–5 • $16.99

A Greyhound, A Groundhog

The playful watercolor illustrations are the main reason for this book’s inclusion in this Bookshelf; they’re absolutely beautiful.

The story is a total tongue twister about the two animals, and will introduce your kid to wordplay and rhyming with phrases like “a round hound, a grey dog, a round little hound dog.”

Ages 3–7 • $17.99

Black Belt Bunny

This karate-chopping, salad-making cottontail is mischievous with a capital M. He bounces around, pouts, kicks and experiments throughout the pages — all to get out of eating his veggies.

Ages 3–5 • $16.99

Found Dogs

Let your kid practice counting skills and descriptive words by looking at a cast of adorable, adoptable dogs — all at the pound.

You’ll also find many opportunities for fun sound effects and actions with words like whimpery, snuggly and wagging. Watch out: This story might even make you want to head to the shelter to see if your perfect match is there! 

Ages 2–5 • $16.99

Marigold Bakes a Cake

He’s a sweet, silly, particular cat. He likes his fur to always be groomed and his calendar is sorted in advance.

Find out what happens when birds ruin his perfect cake. 

Ages 3–7 • $17.99