Your Family’s Guide to Caponi Art Park
caponi art park in eagan minnesota

Caponi Art Park is a 60-acre sculpture park located in Eagan. From 1949 to 2013, Anthony Caponi focused on integrating art, life, and nature into the 60-acre park and center for all arts. The park was open to the public in 1987 and sees 18,000 visitors every year.

Miles of trails: The park is broken into two areas-40 acres to the south of the parking lot, and 20 acres to the north. Throughout the 60 acres, there are 2 miles of wooded trails to explore. Check out for a nature guide that includes all the birds, plants, and trees seen in the park. We saw at least a dozen cardinals, blue jays, and so many other birds during our time exploring the park.

Caponi art park in eagan minnesota sculpture park

Theater in the Woods: Constructed from 1998-2000, the amphitheater is home to several performances throughout the year. Take a look at the retaining walls around the amphitheater to find the three sculptures that Caponi hid in the walls during construction. Courtesy golf carts are available to provide rides to and from the parking lot during performances for those people with mobility needs.

Notable sculptures:
Snake: The most exciting sculpture in the park for us was “The Snake” The snake was finished in 2005 and is the head of a rattlesnake on the body of an anaconda. The sculpture was created directly into a hill, consistent with the parks philosophy of integrating art and nature.

Dragon: Dragon was donated to the park in 2021 by Kathryn Wilsey. The piece belonged to Kathryn’s father who loved dragons, and she wanted others to be able to enjoy the piece as well

Serpent of the Lowlands by Christopher Lutter-Gardella: This sculpture was built using buckthorn and wild grape vines in 2020 and symbolizes rebirth, transformation, and healing. Originally intended to be a temporary structure, the park now plans to keep it on display indefinitely.

caponi art park Serpent of the Lowlands eagan minnesota

Community education-

For adults and children over 14 years old, Caponi Art Park is home to several community education programs throughout the year. Sign up to make a macramé plant shelf, take a class on watercolor leaf prints, create a seed mosaic, and so much more. Caponi also offers several nature-based workshops for the whole family. There is even an option to bring the workshop to your home or any other gathering place of your choosing!

Visit the park on Saturday October 14th from 1pm-4pm for Leaf Fest! This free program includes an art activity, a make-your-own sweet treat activity, play in the changing leaves, and more.

Whether you chose to explore the park on your own, or sign up for one of the two tours available, Caponi art park is a great experience for the whole family. Like Anthony Caponi said, “Slow down and let your senses come into focus. To be alive is a condition of having arrived. Enjoy exploring the park and your deeper self”

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Caponi Art Park won 3rd place for best sculpture park in our Family Favorites survey! Find all the winners here.

caponi art park in eagan minnesota

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